Margot at work

Gallery Exhibitions

Panoras Gallery, New York City   1963
Val-Kill Gallery, Hyde Park, NY   1965
Daily Planet, Burlington, VT   1982
Municipal Art Gallery, Burlington, VT   1983
Pennino's Gallery, Burlington, VT   1983
Royal Tyler Theatre, Burlington, VT   1984
Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VT   1985
Passepartout Gallery, Winooski, VT   1985
Royal Tyler Theatre, Burlington, VT   1986
Trinity College, Burlington, VT   1987
T. W. Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, VT   1988
Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT   1989
Cortina Inn Art Gallery, Mendon, VT   1990
Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT   1993
Cortina Inn Art Gallery, Mendon, VT   1993
Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT   1999
Featured on WCAX TV   1999

Member of the Board of Directors          
Bryan Memorial Gallery           

Statement of Purpose

I am a painter. I paint in oil, watercolor, or pastel.

Color has been with me as long as I can remember. I think, I dream, I live in color. Even the “leftovers” on my pallet make my heart beat faster. Creating forms with color on the canvas in exciting relationships challenges and thrills me each and every day. The burning summer sun on my body transforms into brilliant colors on the canvas. The ice cold of winter turns into cool and stiff pigments, and, of course, the glory of autumn turns into warm earth tones.

I paint because I must. The need to portray the emotional impact of the bounty and beauty which surrounds me finds no basis in a desire for wealth or acclaim. The thing that draws me to the canvas time after time is an intensely personal inner struggle to capture my emotions with color. These emotions are triggered by many things: the images conjured by my favorite stories, poems, or plays; the twist of light that glints off still water; the tension between where I have been and where I am now.

This need is relentless and becomes a torture. It is always there and demands priority to everything else in my life. I let my imagination run free and create the images out of pure joy. I have the total freedom to indulge in a fantasy of design and color as I am moved by the myriad of recollections and experiences which comprise my being.

The things that I produce are called paintings, but in reality the vivid colors blended and contrasted in landscapes and still lifes are only the tangible outgrowth of this irrepressible force inside me.

Personal History

1937        Born in East Prussia
1944-47   Refugee in East Prussia (now Poland)
1947        Forced relocation to Mecklenburg, East Germany
1948        Escaped through Iron Curtain to Godelheim, West Germany
1959        Emigrated to New York City
1981        Moved to Vermont


Primarily self-taught with instruction/mentoring by:
Maxim Bugzester, New York City
Edwin Pearson, Hyde Park, NY
Henry Schoenbauer, New York City



[I wish to call your attention to] the works of a remarkable artist who is now having her first exhibit of the paintings she has been working on since 1984.

The exhibition is currently at our gallery, The Mary Bryan Memorial Art Gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont. The artist is Margot Hobbs [Serowy] who came to Vermont where she has found the peace and tranquillity necessary to start on her memories of the times when she was a refugee from Poland at the age of seven. Now in her sixties these memories have been roiling in her consciousness until they, inevitably had to be expressed in paint, the one medium available to her in which she was capable of doing so.

These paintings are large, from four to six feet canvas size and framed in lath. I do not think that Margot had viewers in mind when she created these disturbing works. She did them for herself alone because she had to. The result is that the viewer gets the message loud and clear as if the viewer had a direct connection to Margot's emotions. Some viewers have told me they have been moved almost to tears.

One of the remarkable aspects of this exhibition is that it has not been observed before. It has been developing here in this small Vermont community and only recently brought to this state of completion. There are thirty large works.

Margot's talent in the use of paint is just right and fitting to express these deep emotions. She uses, and is fascinated with, strong color. Her sense of composition is un-erring.

Alden Bryan
[June 1999]

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