84"x70" oil on canvas

War Games

This painting is a summary of war. The innocent child plays with a ball -- or the Earth or a cannonball from the tank behind her. The pregnant mother has no arms.

Artist Statement

My major effort as an artist is to create a series of paintings depicting the remains of war -- the refugees.

I lived through the total destruction of my homeland, East Prussia. My portrayal of the plight of war refugees is from memories as vivid today as when they happened in 1944 and 1945. I want to show the public how devasting regular gentleman's war is to the people who happen to be where the war is fought. The price of war is paid by women, children and the elderly.

I started to portray my childhood recollections in 1984 and intend to continue until the story is complete. At present, the series includes more than 30 paintings.


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